The South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union 

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Челябинская область
Russia, Chelyabinsk Region
Новая продукция челябинских тракторостроителей

New Product from Tractors’ Manufacturers of Chelyabinsk

Before end of February 2007 Chelyabinsk tractor plant will produce the first prototypes of pipelaying cranes based on БП-12tractor with hydrostatically driven pipelaying equipment.

Machines of 15 t. thrust class with carrying capacity of 20 and 12 t. and hydromechanical transmission will be completed with diesels made in Yaroslavl’ engine plant, All those, who deal with  ChTZ will also see Б-10M. 6000 bulldozers with hydromechanical transmission, Jaroslavl’ – made diesels, hexagonal cabins and new facing. The new hexagonal cabin secures better survey for operator by machine driving, and the tip-up superstructure of the machine will make transmission repair more comfortable.

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