The South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union 

Обладатель титула: "Лучшая большая палата стран Азиатско-тихоокеанского региона" 

Челябинская область
Russia, Chelyabinsk Region
General Information

General Information


The Chelyabinsk region is situated in the center of Russia at the border of Europe and Asia, at the southern foothills of the Urals and the adjoining plain. In the north the Chelyabinsk region borders on the Sverdlovsk region, in the east – on the Kurgan region, it also has borders with the Orenburg region in the south and with the Republic of Bashkortostan in the west. The south-eastern part of the region’s border with the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is about 730 km, coincides with the state border of the Russian Federation.


Official Date of the Region’s Formation


January 17, 1934


Coat of Arms



The coat of arms is made up of a red shield, in the middle of which there is an image of a silver camel carrying a load of gold. The shield is embellished with the golden crown and surrounded by two ribbons of the Lenin Order.





The flag is represented by a red rectangular cloth with a yellow stripe. In the middle it has the image of a white two-humped camel carrying the load of gold.




Our majestic region, from the Peter’s epoch

The light of your victories is great.

With sacred metal, people’s work

You serve for our country’s welfare.

We are proud of you; we are your faithful citizens,

Our South Ural – country’s glory and honor.

There are no blue lakes, fields and forests

More pleasant, full of glamour.

You are our hope, Russia’s sentry,

You protect the peace of our country.

We are proud of you; we are your faithful citizens,

Our South Ural – country’s glory and honor.


(written by V.S. Alyushkin)





The Chelyabinsk region occupies the area of 87900 square km, that equals 0,5 % of  Russia’s territory. Thus it is nearly three times as large as Belgium and Holland, two times as large as Denmark and Switzerland, it is almost equal in size with such countries as Portugal and Austria, and it is about the same size as Hungary or the Indiana State in the USA. The territory of Chelyabinsk region includes 56 % of arable lands and 27 % of forests. The total length of the regional boundary is 2750 km.




The population of the Chelyabinsk region reaches 3550,4 thousand people.


Regional center


The city of Chelyabinsk


Official Site of the Region




Address: Cvillinga Street, 27, Chelyabinsk, 454089

Telephone: (351) 263-92-41

Telefax: (351) 263-12-83


Web-site: http://www.ural-chel/vknew/gubernator.shtml


Government of the Region




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