The South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union 

Обладатель титула: "Лучшая большая палата стран Азиатско-тихоокеанского региона" 

Челябинская область
Russia, Chelyabinsk Region
Economic Security

Economic security


Autonomous non-profit organization CHELYABINSK REGIONAL AGENCY of Economic Security and Risk Management was set up in February, 1998 by the South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Russian Agency of Economic Security and Risk Management (Moscow). The Agency of Economic Security and Risk Management is the only non-state organization in Russia whose powers in the field of evaluation of business reputation and reliability of economic agents are defined by law (“On Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation”, Articles 12 and 15).  

Chelyabinsk Regional Agency of Economic Security was founded and operates for the purpose of:

  •       Carrying out independent examination of finance position, business reputation and reliability of enterprises and organizations with various forms of incorporation for providing assistance to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation;
  • *       Keeping the Russian Register of enterprises and entrepreneurs, whose finance and economic position proves their reliability as entrepreneurship activity partners in Russia and abroad (Register of reliable partners);  
  • *       Assistance in attracting home and foreign investments to the economy of the Chelyabinsk region, for organization of informational, analytical, as well as expert support of management solutions of investment, technology and other risks;   
  • *       Creating favourable conditions for adequate business decision making;
  • *       Assistance in development of civilized relationships in the entrepreneurship community (as a part of the Program “Goodwill – Fair Business” of the SUCCI);
  • *       Cooperation with law enforcement bodies and authorized non-state law enforcement organizations, to ensure entrepreneurship security and investors rights protection on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region (as a part of the Program “Secure Business – Russia”). 

Chelyabinsk Agency of Economic Security and Risk Management coordinates the activity of the Alliance of non-state law-enforcement enterprises “Secure Business – Chelyabinsk”, exercises procedural and organizational functions.

Activity of the Alliance “Secure Business – Chelyabinsk”:

  • *       Evaluation of veracity of information about potential partners, competitors;
  • *       Expert evaluation of business risk;
  • *       Selection and analysis of information for preparation and conduct of negotiations, contracts;
  • *       Realization of the action plan (informational, legal support and security service) in order to protect enterprise’s economic interests;  
  • *       Working out of enterprise’s security concept and recommendations on enterprise security. Assistance in organization of enterprise’s own security service;
  • *       Analytical and general research, forecasts concerning security, economy, finances, politics, and activity of various legal and physical entities; 
  • *       Drawing up of a political, business and social-psychological portrait of a partner or a competitor;
  • *       Analysis of finance position and business reputation of a potential partner. Business cooperation recommendations;
  • *       Monitoring of social and political situation in the city and the region. Political forecasting;  
  • *       Establishing facts of unfair competition;
  • *       Lie detector test (polygraph) – in the course of employment procedure, employee loyalty test, revealing involvement of a particular person in a corporate incident etc.
  • *       The Agency offers its clients end-to-end services concerning almost all issues of business and personal security in the Chelyabinsk region, throughout Russia and abroad.
  • *       The Agency’s activity is supported by the integrated information management system of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Russian information network system of business cooperation.


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