Project Initiator Information


Company name

ZAO PO Tsvetmetservis

1a, ul. Kalinina, Ozyorsk,

Chelyabinsk region 456780

l.: (35130) 2-02-30, 2-45-55

Fax: (35130) 4-51-52


Anatoliy Antonovich Kalinovskiy, general director

Lines of business

Lead and zinc manufacture

Brief description of the project

Establishment of  a run-down accumulator recycling line with output - 26000 tons per year

Total project cost

189 million rubles

Required investment

189 million rubles

Investment purpose

Purchase of equipment

Implementation period

4 years

Initial permits and approvals

Licenses, design documentation

Development stage


Expected form of cooperation

Any  forms of cooperation (leasing, investment credit)

Contact person

Anatoliy Antonovich Kalinovskiy

l.: (35130) 2-45-55

[email protected]