Expert examination for the purposes of exports control (of double purpose goods)   


The exports control acts in the interests of securing of non-proliferation of the weapons of mass destruction, means of its delivery, goods and technologies which can be used for development, creation or application of arms and military equipment.

You must not underestimate the exports control procedures, as the exports control is of a licensing, not prohibitive a character. In parallel with organizing foreign trade operations it is necessary to always clear up possible problems connected with the exports control of your products otherwise the exports control can unexpectedly get into contradiction with your interests.

Such an intrusion can be painful. You can unexpectedly lose a lot of time for the preparation and registration of various additional licensing documents. All that leads to failure of the time terms of fulfillment of the contractual obligations to foreign partners, image and economic losses.

If you are suppliers of equipment, machines, materials, spare parts and components for them, produce complex equipment, scientific and technological production and have to encounter the terms "the exports control " and "the double purpose goods", we can be useful to you!

     According to the Russian legislation the examination of goods and technologies for the purposes of the exports control can be carried out only by expert organizations which have been granted a special license of the Commission of the exports control of Russian Federation.    Our regional representation of the St.-Petersburg Centre of the projects of industrial development provides the participants of foreign trade activities with a complete list of services connected with the export control.

The conclusions of our expert examination are valid in the whole territory of Russia and are an official document confirming the belonging or non- belonging of an object of examination to products included in the lists of the controlled goods and technologies.


1.       Execution of the conclusions of identification expert examination for the purposes of exports control and customs registration.

2.          Consultation on the export control of goods (or technology).

3. Expert examination of the draft contract settlement of transaction with the goods (or technologies) with attributes of the objects of export control.

4. Organization of receipt of the license and other permissive documents are issued by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia.


Sample of the application form and list of the documents necessary for expert examination



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