The South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union 

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Челябинская область
Russia, Chelyabinsk Region
Electronic digital signature

Distant registering centre of the National Certifying Centre  


 Certificates of signature keys issued by the National Certifying Centre (NCC) completely meet the requirements and provisions of the Federal law “On electronic digital signature” and of other legal documents which regulate this sphere.

 They can be used in the corporative informational system “TPP-SODI” (The system of business information exchange of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia), for participation in electronic trading places created by the NCC’s partners and in the system of electronic internal document circulation in companies.

 Enterprises, organizations, entrepreneurs and natural persons can get the electronic digital signature in Chelyabinsk.


 Mail address: room 507, house 56, ul. S. Krivoy, Chelyabinsk, Russia, 454080

tel. (7-351) 266-52-18.


 Authorized representative of the NCC

Vekshina Olga Nikolayevna  


What is an electronic digital signature (EDS)?

Electronic digital signature is the electronic document entry used to defend an electronic document from forgery, to identify the signature owner and to prove integrity and absence of information distortion in the electronic document.


EDS allows to  

·          To exchange legal electronic documents

·          To save time on preparing of documents, especially when working with branch companies

·          To reduce the process costs connecting with mail and messenger services


Is it difficult to learn to use the electronic digital signature (EDS)?

 Despite extremely complicated mathematical instruments, the using of EDS is simple and understandable for any person of any PC skills, education or occupation.

 The customer gets the key medium (a floppy-disk or a trinket containing USB storage device of Flash memory or a smart-card).

 For signing the prepared electronic document, the EDS owner just needs to insert the key medium to a disk drive or a USB-port and to click a mouse on a button on a computer screen. All other actions are performed automatically, because the pre-installed program detects the customer’s EDS itself and makes up his electronic signature.


Where is it used?

·          Intra-corporate electronic document circulation

·          Communication with partners

·         Communication with state executive authorities

·         Tax reports

·          Internet bank payment systems

·          Auctions on commercial electronic trade places

·         State and municipal order contests

·         For identification in systems of legal access in informational systems on VPN basis

·          Public health, credit history bureau, distant learning, registering real estate rights etc



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