The South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union 

Обладатель титула: "Лучшая большая палата стран Азиатско-тихоокеанского региона" 

Челябинская область
Russia, Chelyabinsk Region
Examination and Management of Immovable Property

     Services of the Expert examination and management of immovable property centre

•  Legal and technical consultations concerning privatization, property rights registration, management and deal-making with real estate objects.

• Projects formulation of sale contracts, gift contracts, barter contracts, share holding in construction contracts, contracts of tenancy and others of the objects of capital construction and ground areas

• Assistance in drawing up of documents concerning privatization, state registration of real estate rights and deals with real estate

•  Projects formulation of agreement and projects of writs concerning division of immovable property in equity ownership and share allotment

• Making of writs concerning recognition of property rights on unauthorized buildings, loggia construction and on re-planned, rebuilt and joined apartments

• Representation in courts of general jurisdiction and in the arbitrage court concerning the problems connected with real estate objects

• Expert examination and drawing up of conclusions concerning judicial and non-judicial real estate division

•  Making of expert judgments concerning qualitative and quantitative characteristics of real estate objects

• Examination of earlier works concerning defining of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of capital construction objects

•  Assistance in drawing up of documents concerning the change of the object’s functionality, i.e. the transference of residential (non-residential) premises into the class of non-residential (residential) premises

•  Assistance in drawing up of documents for real estate objects reconstruction, apartment rebuilding and apartment re-planning

• Inspection of temporary buildings and drawing up of technical documents

•  Inspection of an object and drawing up of floor-by-floor plans produced for the purpose of working out of project documentation and licensing documentation for reconstruction, major repairs and construction

•  Registration of ground areas documents

•  Definition of the real estate object’s technical condition and its depreciation

•  Planning and charting of apartment buildings’ cleaning zones

•  Rendering of intermediary services during real estate deals

•  Permanent servicing of right-owners concerning the problems of commercial real estate management and maintenance

•  Examination of documents made for inter-departmental commissions on re-planning

•  Agreement-making and negotiating between neighbors concerning ground areas usage order in the close proximity to the common border

•  Prejudicial adjustment of disputes between share-holders, proprietors of adjacent ground areas etc


Real estate examination and management centre 

Markina Natalya Yuryevna                 

Director of the Centre 

tel.: (7-351) 265-44-81, 265-38-22,



Functional department   

Panova Irina Fedorovna                     

Leading expert

 tel.: (7-351) 265-44-81, 265-38-22  


Customers department   

Yakimova Galina Evgenyevna  

Leading legal expert 

tel.: (7-351) 265-44-81, 265-38-22       


Ecology department   

Kucherova Vera Nikolayevna

Head of the department

tel.: (7-351) 264-75-53,


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