The South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union 

Обладатель титула: "Лучшая большая палата стран Азиатско-тихоокеанского региона" 

Челябинская область
Russia, Chelyabinsk Region
Examination of Goods

 Expert examination of quantity and quality of goods.

 Expert examination of the quality and completeness of equipment.

          Control of containers, packing, marking.

          Control of safety of cargo at loading and unloading.

          Selection of the samples of goods.

          Expert examination of the conditions of transportation and storage of goods.

          Supervision over the production progress of goods.

          Definition of standard output of compensatory materials at temporary export of Russian goods abroad or import of foreign goods to the territory of Russian Federation for processing.

Examination of goods for their reference to double purpose production.

          Drawing-up of certificates of destruction of poor-quality imported goods or of their return to a foreign supplier.

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