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Projects of maximum permissible emissions (MPE)

Projects of maximum permissible emissions (MPE)

According to the Law of Russian Federation " On Protection of Atmospheric Air” (№ 96-ФЗ) legal persons having sources of emissions of harmful (polluting) substances into atmospheric air (automobiles, fuel filling stations, boiler-houses, machinery equipment etc.), are obliged to develop the projects of limitation of allowable emissions into atmospheric air.

The basic purpose of the project of limitation of allowable emissions is a scientifically based estimation of influence of industrial activity of an enterprise having stationary sources of emissions to the atmosphere, by pollution of environmental natural environment. In an MPE project the general items of information on an enterprise, about its tenants are taken into account, the characteristic of organization as a source of pollution of an atmosphere, a calculation and definition of the offers of the MPE specifications will be done, the measures on work in adverse meteorological conditions are given in a summary.

The Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision issues a license for emission of polluting substances to atmosphere by stationary sources of pollution, in which the maximum permissible emissions and other conditions are established, which provide for the protection of atmospheric air. At absence of the issued license and at infringement of conditions stipulated by the issued license, the emissions of harmful (polluting) substances to atmospheric air can be limited, suspended or stopped.

If you have no developed MPE project, then 25-multiple magnification ratio of payments is applied to the whole actual volume of formation of polluting substances.

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