The information on the export and import transactions allows the client to receive complete idea about the foreign trade turnover of real goods and of the foreign companies’ activities.


The knowledge of statistical parameters of the enterprises’ foreign trade activities enables the client to receive:

  • The analysis of the foreign partners activities in trading in the foreign market (volumes and cost of deliveries, dynamics of deliveries and purchases, rating of firm by the frequency of deliveries and purchases, production assortment of a firm and the given goods share);
  • The analysis of the foreign trade operations (commodity market capacity and structure, the goods supplier and addressee countries, volumes of deliveries);


The enterprises of Russia export and import review

 Options of drawing up of an export and import goods deliveries review:


No of the option
The review title
The review structure
Option 1
Export of hand-operated pumps, vacuum pumps and pig-iron latches from Russia for the period since January till May, 2002
The Review will allow to estimate and to draw up correct and well-weighed marketing policy at planning and development of the production promotion on the external market strategy.
Dynamics of deliveries of hand-operated and vacuum pumps, pig-iron latches to Near and Distant Foreign Countries;
Distribution of the addressee countries in the export of hand-operated and vacuum pumps, pig-iron latches. 
Option 2
Import of manganese ore by Russia in the 1st half-year of 2003. (foreign economic activity commodity nomenclature code 260200000)
In the review of foreign trade operations in concrete goods or commodity group according to foreign economic activity commodity nomenclature code (by the countries) we give information on the absolute volumes and the structure of deliveries: their price level, standard items and contract prices for the researched period.
Option 3
Delivery of sheet plastic to the Russian Federation in 2002 (foreign economic activity commodity nomenclature codes 3920300000, 3920510000, 3920610000)
Volumes of import;
Distribution of import by the countries of origin according to cost;
Average contract prices by the countries of origin;
The largest Russian production-importing firms (the addressees);
Distribution of export by the countries of consignment according to cost;
The average contract export prices by the countries of consignment
The largest Russian exporting firms


At the level of statistical reviews drawn up on Russia or on the Chelyabinsk region, you can get the following information:

  • Dynamics of the goods deliveries for a certain period of time;
  • Distribution of deliveries by the goods supplier (addressee) countries; distributions of deliveries under the commodity nomenclature;
  • Distribution of deliveries by types of transport;
  • Distributions of deliveries by the banks serving the bargains etc. The marketing researches are carried out on any goods and/or groups of the goods according to foreign economic activity commodity nomenclature codes.
  • Basis for the research are the official foreign trade statistics data on the foreign trade deliveries of Russia, and other analytical data, as well.


Cost of marketing services is calculated and sent up to the client after the reception of his application and depends on the amount of commodity positions according to the foreign economic activity commodity nomenclature code s, time needed for research, region of research, term and form of execution of the order.


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