The carrying out of market researches allows to find out the market condition and tendencies of its development, to determine consumers and competitors, to find partners, enables organizations to see the situation in the market and to determine ways of its improvement.


Within the framework of market researches the carrying out of the analysis of import of production from near and distant foreign countries and the analysis of export of production of the Russian enterprises abroad are possible.


The basic directions of researches:

* Study of the market size and the opportunities of market growth potential;

* Study of volumes of production of the competitors, competitive prices, definition of the market share, revealing of the position in the competitive struggle

* Revealing of the most effective channels of promotion of goods and services

* Study of the consumers, their attitudes to certain companies, goods, services etc.

* Revealing of effective ways of progress of a product.


Cost of marketing researches is determined after the reception of the client’s application, adjustment with the client of the task of research and depends on the amount of work, period of research, region of research and the terms of its execution.


The list of some works done in 2005.


* Research of the market of laminated and quenched glass

* Research of the export of fire engineering machinery from the Russian Federation

* Research of the consumers of rolled metal products in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

* Research of the firms importing the consumer goods from China and Italy

* Research of the market of spices

* Research of the volumes of export / import of polymeric isolators in the Russian Federation

* Research of potential consumers of zinc in the regions of Russia


The list of the works done in 2001-2003.


* Research of the volume of galvanized products in the Chelyabinsk region

* Research of freight traffic carried out by motor transport between the Chelyabinsk region and the countries of Europe, Ukraine and Byelorussia

* Research of the volumes of housing construction and market of building materials in the Urals and Siberia

* Research of the situation with the information security of small business in Chelyabinsk and the region

* Research of a level of marketing development at the enterprises of Chelyabinsk

* Research of the volume of manufacture and import of polyurethane in Russia

* Research of the market of plastic containers in the Ural, Siberian and Far East regions of Russia

* The reviews of import to Russia: of the equipment, ferrous-based alloys, sheet organic glass

* The reviews of export from Russia: of commercial timber, pig-iron latches, vacuum and hand-operated pumps, overalls

* The analysis of the import of goods from Kazakhstan to the Chelyabinsk region

* The analysis of the import of equipment to the Chelyabinsk region

* The review of export of foodstuffs (groceries) from the Chelyabinsk region

* The market of services in precision severance of materials in the Ural region