The South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union 

Обладатель титула: "Лучшая большая палата стран Азиатско-тихоокеанского региона" 

Челябинская область
Russia, Chelyabinsk Region
Development of new high-productive technologies connected with manufacturing of equipment for chemical, metallurgical, petroche

Name of organization

Close Joint-Stock Company "Ural Installation and Production Company "

POB 89, Ozyorsk town, Chelyabinsk region, 456790

tel.: +7 (35130) 7-10-21

Head of organization

Aleksander Ivanovich Rudakov

Types of activity

General contracting activity and building and assembly works, manufacturing of equipment for petrochemical, nuclear industry

Brief description of the project

Foundation of quality control laboratory at a plant producing non-standardized equipment

Total project cost

12.9 million roubles

Required investment

8 million roubles

Recoupment period

0.5 years

Project documentation

Licenses and project documentation are available

Expected forms of cooperation


Contact person

Aleksander Ivanovich Rudakov, General director

tel.: +7 (35130) 7-10-21

e-mail: [email protected]

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