Arbitration Court of the South Urals CCI is an independent judicial body for settlement of commercial disputes between legal entities, including foreign legal entities, as well as between entrepreneurs operating without formation of juridical person.

Arbitration Court adjudicates disputes, arising in connection with:                    

  • conclusion of a contract;
  • change of contract conditions or dissolution of a contract;
  • default on obligations or improper execution of contract;
  • recognition of property right;
  • reclamation of property from detinue by property owner or lawful owner;
  • infringement of rights of property owner or lawful owner, unrelated to dispossession.

Arbitration Court advantages

  • No demand of procedure for extrajudicial settlement of claims in anticipation of an action in the court.
  • Time of case consideration in Arbitration Court is reduced compared with time periods in an arbitral court.
  • Judicial expenses are two times lower.  
  • It is possible to pay arbitration fee by installments; refund of arbitration fee is also possible in cases provided by Enactment of Arbitration Court.
  • At the discretion of both parties, judicial expenses can be spread equally between the two parties.
  • Parties choose the arbitrator (arbitrators) from the list of arbitrators. This ensures the parties’ confidence in the neutrality of judges and in passing judgement only in compliance with the law.
  • Arbitral decision takes effect immediately or within the time limit set forth in the decision.

Experts in civil, economic and international law, well-known in the Urals, are members of the Arbitration Court of the SUCCI.

In order to get the dispute settled by the Arbitration Court you need to make a supplementary agreement or include an arbitration clause into the contract.  

Model exhibits of clauses to be included into the economic contract or agreement:

First variant:

All disputes or disagreement concerning formation, execution, termination of this agreement (contract) between the parties are subject to settlement in the standing Arbitration Economic Court of the South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Second variant:

The parties agreed that all disputes concerning contract #__dated__________ are subject to settlement in permanent Arbitration Economic Court of the South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Dispute is subject to consideration exclusively by arbitrator _______or arbitrators _______, appointed by the chairman of the Arbitration Court. The parties also agreed that the legislation of the country of the plaintiff shall be applied during the trial.