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The legal help is the more effective, the earlier you decide to address a lawyer. Quite often the help of a professional can be required already during the preparation of your contract. Presently there is a huge amount of the samples of contracts, forms, including those in the Internet. However mechanical writing off from a sample can become an empty expenditure of time as a minimum. The conditions of any contract should correspond to the real will of the parties, take into account specific character of the contract’s subject, the character of relations between the parties, ensure an utmost clarity of the rights and duties of the parties and quick and correct settlement of possible arguments, including those in court. 

    The articles of the contract become binding not only for the parties, but also for court in the settlement of possible arguments sanction of the pertinent dispute.

More often than not there are disputes between businessmen specifically in connection with the default of liabilities following from the contract. Sometimes duly representation of a reasonable claim made in business strain suffices for such a settlement of a problem of holding consultation and negotiation. An axiom is that the cheapest and quickest way of settlement of a conflict is an achievement of agreement between parties without an intermediation of court.

Вместе с тем, разрешение спора, вытекающего из договора, предполагает хорошее знание специфики соответствующего вида обязательства, того, как регулируется  данный вопрос в законодательстве.  

At the same time, the settlement of a dispute following from the contract assumes good knowledge of specific character of the appropriate kind of obligation and of how the said problem is regulated by the legislation.

To answer a question of what your chances are in a disputed legal situation, what kind of contract is it necessary to select for the registration of this or that transaction and what conditions of the specified contract is it necessary to consider essential, you will be helped by the experts of the legal department of the South Urals chamber of commerce and industry. Our specialization is a complex legal support of business activity in all its aspects. The quality of our work is ensured by professionalism and experience of our employees and active interaction with legal faculties of the leading Institutions of Higher Education of Chelyabinsk.

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