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Челябинская область
Russia, Chelyabinsk Region
Tourism, recreation, sports

Chelyabinsk region has unique natural and climatic conditions: lakes and rivers, forests and mountains, caves and natural healing springs. There are 3 170 lakes on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region, over 200 specially protected natural areas, including world-famous “mineralogical paradise” – the State Ilmen Reserve, natural landscape and historical- archaeological museum-reserve “Arkaim”, national parks “Taganay” and “Zyuratkul”.

A well-developed system of sanatorium-resort service exists in the region. The most well-known resorts are “Kisegach”, “Uvildy”, “Ural” and others.

Big investments are directed to develop tourist sector, which grows 30% every year. Almost 200 tourist organizations provide for recreation in Chelyabinsk region.  

A network of mountain skiing recreational and sports complexes is developing. Now the region has about 20 mountain resorts. The biggest ones are “Abzakovo”, “Zaviyaliha”, “Adzhigardak”, and “Matallurg-Magnitogorsk”. They meet the requirements of the highest world standards and are widely popular among Russian active recreation lovers and foreign tourists as well. Besides, two more modern mountain skiing centars will be built in the region in the short run: “Dve doliny” (Two Valleys, Asha) and “Eurasia” (Kusa district).

In 2005 Chelyabinsk region had 68 stadiums, 1528 gyms, 86 swimming-pools, including 5 swimming-pools with basin length of 50 meters. There are 25 sports palaces in the region, 7 of which have artificial ice, 13 field-and-track rings, a biathlon complex, almost 3 thousand sports grounds, 243 skiing bases, 184 shooting ranges, and 5 rowing bases and channels.       

The region pays great attention to the promotion of physical culture, sports and tourism. A federation of sports journalists has been created. Every year new sports objects are commissioned. In 2005 physical culture and recreational complexes have been built in Oktyabrsky, Uvelsky, Chesmensky districts. In Bakal and Kunashak district swimming-pools have been built. And in Chelyabinsk -- the 2nd stage of field-and-track stadium. Sports complex “Metar-sport” in Chelyabinsk has been reconstructed. There are being built universal sports complex in Magnitogorsk, swimming-pool in Zlatoust and physical culture and sports complex with a skating rink in Satka.

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