The South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union 

Обладатель титула: "Лучшая большая палата стран Азиатско-тихоокеанского региона" 

Челябинская область
Russia, Chelyabinsk Region
Examples of Business Plans

Examples of Business Plans

In the period from 2001 to 2006 our experts have developed more than 60 business plans in various branches. Our clients are such large firms as Industrial and Commercial Association “ChelSI",  “The Chelyabinsk airline ", "Krasnogorsky commercial pig unit" (The Agrofirm “Ariant”).


The list of some of our projects:

" Business plan of development of the South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s department of tourism",

" Organization of selling of biogel «Lamidan» in the Urals region ",

" Substantiation of investments in the expansion and technical reequipment of the enterprise CJSC “Favorit-Alko”,

"The feasibility report of transfer of the urban administration’s restaurant to a new premises",

" Business plan of grocery shop in the Bratyev Kashirinykh street",

"A factory producing polypropylene bags",

" Increase of volumes of combustive-lubricant materials realization",

" Videoadvertising in the public transport ",

" Organization of a mini-coffeeshops network in Chelyabinsk ",

" Manufacture and realization of licensed audioproduction ",

" Organization of international tourist transportation in the region and on direct routes «Chelyabinsk - Europe » ",

"The Investment project of reconstruction of a dairy farm ",

" Development of creative art workshop - firm "Kameliya" ",

" Organization of potatoes production on the base of OJSC Agricultural Enterprise «Krasnoarmeyskoye» ",

" Organization of hydroabrasive metal-cutting shop",

" Organization of ferro-concrete pipes manufacture",

" Manufacture of autohydraulic rams AGP-28 and AGP-22.06",

" Restructuring and development of vodka manufacture in the city of Shadrinskå ",

" Organization of the private medical centre «Stork » ",

" Organization of brick manufacture in the city of Karabash",

" Organization of corrugated cardboard manufacture and processing",

" Construction of the South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s office building",

" Production of marble in the northern part of the Kamensk marbles site (the Plast district, Chelyabinsk region) ",

" Formation of the CJSC “Stroytex” strategy",

" Production of stream-gold in the Ulziyt-Gol (Mongolia) deposit ",

" Organization of European standard metal barrels manufacture",

" Business plan of the OJSC “Bredinsky grain elevator" for 2004-2006",

" Organization of mobile personal computers system blocks manufacture ",

" Development of woodworking production",

" Organization of advertising business in Chelyabinsk with the use of modern high-technology large-format screens ",

" Business plan on expansion of manufacture and increase of sales of the newest medical preparation “Polysorb” on the basis of nanotechnologies, ensuring individual safety of consumers ",

" Business plan of increase of grain production efficiency",

" Organization of Li-Ion accumulators manufacture ",

" Processing of the worn out automobile tire covers with production of roofing materials on the basis of rubber ",

" Construction and sale of administrative and office building in the Kurchatovsky district of Chelyabinsk ",

" Business plan of the OJSC “Yuzhnouralsk dairy factory " development for 2004-2006",

" Increase of production efficiency and increase of pig livestock population number by introduction of the new equipment ",

" Organization of the international class hotel and recreation complex “Zhemchuzhina”",

" Construction of the “Naberezhny” trade complex",

" Construction of an exhibition centre in the Chelyabinsk city",

" An industrial wastes processing factory in the Karabash city".


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