The South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry Union 

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Челябинская область
Russia, Chelyabinsk Region
The Marketing and Management Consulting

Is it necessary for your enterprise:


To enter new sales markets,

To raise efficiency of sales

To raise professionalism of personnel

To recruit new employees

To understand what the consumers want

To raise advertising payout?


But you do not have time to work at the problem yourself, and there is no free personnel of necessary qualification. How to lower the risks of administrative decisions?


The information and marketing centre will help to solve these and other problems and offers:




Administrative consultation:


Diagnostics of internal environment

Optimization of the enterprise’s organizational structure

Introduction of the procedure of strategic planning

Setting up of marketing and logistics

Development of employment position instructions and the personnel evaluation


Marketing consultation:


Development of marketing strategy

Development and examination of the marketing plans

Positioning (definition of a market position of the company, products or services that favourably distinguish it from the competitors and their goods)

Auditing of marketing at an enterprise

Support of marketing activity of your enterprise

Mystery Shopping (objective evaluation of quality of service and personnel in shops)


You can choose the following forms of our joint work:


If the problem is not visible – then choose an expert consultation. The consultant carries out diagnostics, development of decisions and recommendations for their introduction. The client provides the consultant with an access to information and evaluation of results.

When you see a problem and ways of its solution - then choose a process consultation. The consultants carry out methodological support, actively cooperate with the client, inducing him to state his suggestions. Through the consultants the client analyzes problems and develops their solutions.

When you want your managers and personnel to work more effectively – order a training consultation. The consultant collects your suggestions, analyzes the solutions and prepares grounds for them, giving the client an appropriate theoretical and practical information in the form of seminars, trainings, manuals. As a result – there is an improvement of professional skill of the enterprise’s personnel - from the managers down to the trade agents.

Independent exterior vision of a problem reduces the risks of administrative decisions.







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