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Hothouse complex for cultivating ecologically clean vegetables



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State agricultural and engineering university of Chelyabinsk


Avdeyev M.V. Head of the Chair of Physics

Troushin P.M General director of Teplichnyi Open Joint Stock Company

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Hothouse complex for cultivating ecologically clean vegetables

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The hothouse complex is designed for hydroponic cultivation of vegetables. The ecological cleanness is secured by exclusion of soil (it is usually polluted),by use of plants biological defense methods as well as carrying out of uninterrupted computer monitoring of mineral nutrition of plants and also production quality

Innovation level

Three invention applications are sent. They are as follows:

-2005120584 of July, 01,2005 Method of cultivating of green cultures;

- 2005104322 of Febryary,17,2005; Method of hydroponic substrates recovering

-2005104323 of March,16,2005Method of hydroponic substrates recovering

2. Three patents for useful models are obtained:

-40840 of  June,15,2004 Hydroponic plant;

-42962 15.07.2004 Device for homogenisation hydroponic substrates(both patents may be terminated) and

-46680 of February,17, 2005 Device for hydroponic substrates recovering (patent holds true.

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Director of the Center: Yelena A. Kreshnyanskaya

Phone: : (351) 264-78-22, 263-68-41, email:  [email protected]

Phone: (351) 264-78-22, 263-68-41, email:  [email protected]