Structure of a multistage pump


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Kozlovskyi Vladimir Ivanovich


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South-Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Postal address:454080, Sonya Krivaya Str.,56 office 402, Chelyabinsk Russia

Phone: (351) 263-68-41

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Structure of a multistage pump

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The immersible multistage pump is developed for oil extraction from wells. The arrangement of the proposed device is modernized and radial bearings are changed. Due to use of radial supports between the case and the rotor in whose spaces there is no cross-flow of abrasive liquid durability and wear resistance are provided for.

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The project is used in petroleum producing industry

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Center of Intellectual property


Director of the Center: Yelena A. Kreshnyanskaya

Phone: : (351) 264-78-22, 263-68-41, email:  [email protected]

Phone: (351) 264-78-22, 263-68-41, email:  [email protected]