Information on the project

Title of the project

RU2184854 steam generating plant


Name of organisation

Scientific and technical center for inventors


Leader of organisation

Kozlovskyi V.I.

Contacts on this project

South-Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Postal address:454080, Sonya Krivaya Str.,56 office 402, Chelyabinsk Russia

Phone: (351) 263-68-41

Phone/fax (351)264-78-22

E-mail: [email protected]


Brief description of the project

New technology is proposed as to the device arrangement due to hydraulic actuator application. Usage of new hydraulic pumps in hydraulic circuits makes it possible to make remote control of steam-generating process smooth through power and flow control devices in hydraulic systems and timing units mounted in the booth.


Mobile steam-generating unit is designed for water vapour  generation at 310C temperature and under pressure of 10MPa at a rate of 2 tons per hour. Besides, the unit can be used for heating oil to the temperature of 150C and delivering it to the surface under pressure range of 16-20 MPa, provided that pipeline systems and pipe coils of boilers are strong enough

Field of application

Mobile steam-generating units refer to gas and oil producing industry, to specific technological equipment and is used in the technological process of oil and gas production for dewaxing of pump and compressor tubes. These units are utilized for steam cleaning of black oil stained equipment, for deicing of water pipelines and fountain fittings. They are also used in agricultural and industrial technological processes as a small-size boiler for delivering steam and hot water

Volume of effective demand

The units are energy-conserving and cost effective thanks to stageless control of the technological process. The cost range of component parts without motor vehicle chassis cost is 500 000 600000 roubles. Agreed realisation price reaches 700 000 roubles

Form of intellectual property protection

Intellectual industrial property is protected by the patent RU 2184854, priority of October, 16,2000.

Besides, application 2002104658 f February, 09, 2002 is made for patent acquiring

Present stage of development

The produced prototype is realised to field. Technical drawings are available, particularly for body, platform, tanks for water, fuel and oil. Drawings for hydraulic pumps are designed, operating manual is drawn up.

Supposed form of cooperation

Cooperation may be realised by way of selling of either the exclusive license or the patent with technical documentation  for the unit



Center of Intellectual property


Director of the Center: Yelena A. Kreshnyanskaya

Phone: : (351) 264-78-22, 263-68-41, email:  [email protected]

Phone: (351) 264-78-22, 263-68-41, email:  [email protected]





RU2184854 steam generating plant