Information on the project

Title of the project

Solid full-wave gyroscope


Name of organisation

Federal State establishment Chelyabinsk Center of Scientific and Technical Information Regional Center of information and innovations

Leader of organisation

Yegorov Leonid Vladimirovich

Contacts on this project

South-Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Postal address:454080, Sonya Krivaya Str.,56 office 402, Chelyabinsk Russia

Phone: (351) 263-68-41

Phone/fax (351)264-78-22

E-mail: [email protected]


Brief description of the project

Present directions of solid full-wave gyroscope and systems based on it: well trajectory measurement, satellite navigation,

railway curvature determination.


Measurement of angular movements of an object in space

Field of application

Oil production, railway roads

Volume of effective demand

It will depend on demand in fields of application

Form of intellectual property protection

There is a patent of the Russian Federation. The patent owner is scientific and production enterprise Medicon closed JSC

Present stage of development

Prototype, research work, design project.



Center of Intellectual property


Director of the Center: Yelena A. Kreshnyanskaya

Phone: : (351) 264-78-22, 263-68-41, email:  [email protected]

Phone: (351) 264-78-22, 263-68-41, email:  [email protected]





Solid full-wave gyroscope