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Tubeconcrete elements with preliminary pressed out kernels


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Federal State educational establishment Magnitogoirsk State technical university named after G.N. Nossov.


Krishan Anatolyi Leonidovich, associate professor of the Structural units chair.

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Tubeconcrete elements with preliminary pressed out kernels

Short description of the project

Used in erection of many-storied buildings and constructions.


The design and the production method of tubeconcrete elements allow to receive high-strength concrete and create preliminary pressed out concrete kernels by applying overpressure to concrete mix and effective separation therefrom of excessive water with cement particles.

Innovation level

1. Three patents for useful models:

21313 Blockout, of January, 20, 2002;

26575 of December, 12, 2002 Construction element in the form of a pole:

42252 of November, 27, 2004 Facility for forming solid intensive core cavitated elements.

2. Decision of delivery of patent for invention Tubeconcrete element with inner steel core is received.


State of being relevant

Erection of tall houses and construction.

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Director of the Center: Yelena A. Kreshnyanskaya

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Phone: (351) 264-78-22, 263-68-41, email:  [email protected]