Company name and address

LLC Chelyabinsk Rapeseed

21, Lesnoy St., Larino village,

Uyskiy district,

Chelyabinsk region


Valeriy Viktorovich Baranovsky

Lines of business

ultivation and processing of rape

Brief description of the project

Production, processing and marketing of rape oil and rape cake

Total project cost

2,110 million rubles

Required investment

1,780 million rubles

Implementation period

2.5 years

Project documentation

Business plan of investment project

Development stage

Conclusion of agreements and contracts

Expected form of cooperation

Agreement and application for cultivation of rapes seeds with the help of farms of the region with providing of POL and equipment

Contact person

Valeriy Viktorovich Baranovsky, director

tel.: +7(35165) 3-14-65