Project Initiator Information

LLC Enamel

93, Kirov str., Magnitogorsk town, Russia, 455002

tel.: +7 (351) 9-24-20-38

Company executive


Lines of business of the organization

Production of goods of technical industrial application and consumer goods (porcelain enamel, roof tile, enamel sheet etc.).

Sale of goods of technical industrial application and consumer goods

Brief description of the project


Expansion of enameled steel sheet.

Quality improvement of enamel steel sheet.


The steel sheet is hooked at the monorail conveyor which comes through the aggregate of fluidic fat extraction for the surface preparation for enamelling, with the help of robots manipulators the sheet is enameled and strengthened by burning in the electric furnace. On going out of the furnace the sheet is packed in the transporting package.

Total cost of the project

30 848 thousand rubles

Required investment

30 848 thousand rubles

Payback period of the project (years)

2,6 years

Project documents


Current project status

Coordination of contracts on equipment supply

Expected forms of cooperation

Share holding

Contact person

S.V.Naumov, technical director of LLC Enamel

tel.: +7 (351)9- 24-20-38