Project Initiator Information


Company name

Private entrepreneur  Chikalova Fruit Kaleidoscope

19, ul.Zaotvalnaya, Korkino,Chelyabinsk region, Russia 456550

Tel./fax: (35152) 2-04-14


Natalya Pavlovna Chikalova, director

Lines of business

Processing of agricultural products (fruit and vegetables), production of jam and fruit butter

Brief description of the company

Private enterprise rents production space (700 sq.m.).  The staff 20 people. 

Brief description of the project

The project is aimed at the expansion of range of goods and production increase in fruit and vegetables processing. 

Total project cost

1.6 million rubles

Required investment

1.2 million rubles

Investment purpose

Purchase of the equipment, increase in current assets

Implementation period

2 years

Initial permits and approvals

Investment project, expert examination made by the public institution Business center 

Development stage


Expected form of cooperation

Investment credit

Contact person

Natalya Pavlovna Chikalova

Tel.: (35152) 2-04-14