Project Initiator Information


Company name

OOO "Pokrovskiy kirpich" ("Pokrov bricks")

Bolshoy Kuyash village, Kunashak district, Chelyabinsk region 456733

Tel.: (35148) 5-23-17


Farikh Abdullovich Khasanov

Lines of business

Building materials manufacture (bricks, tiles, etc.)

Brief description of the project

Technical re-equipment of the plant

Total project cost

32 million rubles

Required investment

18 million rubles

Investment purpose

Job creation

Technical re-equipment of the plant

Implementation period

1 year

Initial permits and approvals

Available in full

Development stage

Pre-commissioning work (95%)

Expected form of cooperation

Any forms of cooperation

Contact person

Farikh Abdullovich Khasanov

Tel.: (35148) 52-3-17