Name of the organization

Individual entrepreneur Sergey Viktorovich Bogomaz

60, Vasilyeva street 1, Snezhinsk town, 456770

Head of organization

Sergey Viktorovich Bogomaz

Lines of business

Sale of goods through Internet, home or clients office delivery service; lay-out of the information about commercial enterprises, their activity, goods and services on the site, advertising services

Brief description of the project

Project is aimed at creation of alternative channel of goods sale in Snezhinsk, firms and enterprises on-line catalogue by means of production of internet shop and Internet terminals for servicing clients in central sales outlets. The shop advantages are low prices, due to the work with largest wholesale suppliers, wide choice of goods, system of payment through Internet using up-to-date payment systems, delivery service

Total project cost

150 thousand roubles

Required investment

150 thousand roubles

Recoupment period

1 year

Project documentation

Business plan, project economic feasibility, media planning

Development stage

Domain is registered. Internet shop soft ware is rented. Goods catalogue under the notions computers, digital technique, office equipment, books are partly filled and are being filled. These goods delivery contracts are made with large suppliers, negotiations on other goods delivery are being held. Contracts were made with two delivery agents, providing delivery from suppliers to the shop warehouse and from the warehouse to a client. Contract was made with an insurance company about current assets insurance.

2 payment systems, affording to pay for goods using more than 20 ways, including through internet option were activated. Two more payment systems activation documents are being completed

Expected forms of cooperation

Equity participation in the project

Contact person

Sergey Viktorovich Bogomaz

tel.: 7 (35146) 49420, 89634622268

e-mail: [email protected],