Project initiator company name and essential information

Project and Design Technological Office Ltd.

1, pl. Karla Marksa, Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk region, 456870.

Tel.: (7-351)51-3-34-11, 3-31-55

The company director

Aleksandr Yuryevich Zhivoluk

Lines of business

Production of building materials: building lime High Purity, packed lime High Purity.

Brief description of the project

The projects purpose is enhancing sources of raw materials for metallurgical and construction industries. The investments will be directed to the purchase and erection of equipment.

Total project cost

70.6 million rubles

Required investment

30 million rubles

The projects payback period (in years)

2 years

Documents on the project

Feasibility study has been done for the development of high purity lime production

Development stage

Operational site exploration and other works have been completed, calcining equipment has been chosen and the consent to its delivery has been got.

Expected form of cooperation

Investment credit, share holding

Contact person on the project

Aleksandr Yuryevich Zhivoluk.

Tel.: (7-351)51-3-34-11, 3-31-55