Ust-Katav urban district.

Depot building of construction industry


Size of the building

1690.2 sq. meters

Short description of the building

Depot building of construction industry has the degree of completeness 75%

Location of the building

10a, Stroiteley street, Ust-Katav city, Chelyabinsk region.


Heating supply, electric power supply.

There is a gas line and water pipe line next to the building.

Road infrastructure

There is a highway M5 at the distance of approximately 3 km.

Building condition

This building construction completion is needed.

Form of use

Production facilities allocation

Owner of land

Municipal entity Ust-Katav urban district

Contact person

Head of Economical, material and land relations department E.I.Alferova,

tel.: 7 (35147)25334