Name of the organization

Closed joint-stock company Scientific-production company Tomokvant

16-23, Zababakhin street, Snezhinsk town, Chelyabinsk region (Mailing address: 8, Komsomolskaya street, Snezhinsk town, Chelyabinsk region, 456770)

Head of organization

Maksim Valeryevich Krushniy

Lines of business

Medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, surgical facilities, medical devices, orthopedic appliances and their constituent parts production; production of facilities, based on usage of x-ray, alpha-, beta- and gamma radiation

Brief description of the project

Project objective is to create production of up-to-date radiographic complexes on the basis of

first transformation image processing digital systems, including usage of remotely operated table.

On the basis of remotely operated table STEPHANIX EVOLUTION there was created a remotely operated table-support with roentgenogram image processing digital systems of new generation. Matrix panel of high resolution detector of company Varian/Interay is used in this complex, which allows to get high quality images in:

  • roentgenographic,

  • photofluorographic,

  • fluoroscopic modes at a speed of 30 shots per second, which allows to conduct research in the real time dimension,

  • tomographic mode, selecting the layer of higher resolution on planes, parallel to detector planes.

Total project cost

30,000,000 roubles

Required investment

25,000,000 roubles

Implementation period

3 years

Project documentation

Business plan

Development stage

Business plan, process description, premises preparation

Expected form of cooperation

Investment loan, share holding possibility

Contact person

Maksim Valeryevich Krushniy

tel. 7 (35146) 22582, e-mail: [email protected]