Chebarkul urban district.

Industrial building of OJSC Urals Stampings Plant


Size of the building

development area

Industrial building: width 132 m., length 276 m., building area 36432 sq. m.

Height of the 1,2,3,4th span up to the lower part of the cranes rail head is 9.65m., height of the 2d span up to the lower part of the cranes rail head is -20.5m.

Short description of the building

Forge-and-press shop production building consists of 4 flights 276 m. long and of 1.3 m, 2.36 m, 3.3 m, 4.3 m wide. It is built of bearing metal frame, the walls are made of sandwich type panels, the roof is made of shaped boarding. Each span has been equipped with cranes. The roof and the walls are 100% ready. Around the building there is a non-completed drainage system. The office building has a reinforced concrete frame, its walls are of reinforced concrete slabs. The roof is flat and is constructed of precast concrete slabs. The buildings floor space is 2,295 sq. meters, it is three-storied.

Location of the building

OJSC Ural Forge territory, 7, Dzerzhinskogo street, Chebarkul city.


The power is not supplied, the main step-down substation is 50 meters away. Heating, water, compressed air are supplied.

Road infrastructure

There is a ground road over the buildings perimeter, in 20 meters from the building there is an asphalt road.

Building condition

Uncompleted construction, the works are 74% completed.

Short description of the site where the building is located

The ground is fixed, not drowned in spring and in autumn, bears heavy and dynamic loads.

Form of use

Purchase or lease

Owner of land

OJSC Urals Stampings Plant

Contact person

V.I. Matsenko, tel.: 7-(35168) 9-23-49