Project Initiator Information


Company name

OOO Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant - Uraltrac

3, pr. Lenina, Chelyabinsk,

454007  Russia

l.: (351) 775-17-60, 772-95-83, 779-88-88

E-mail: [email protected]



Valeriy Mikhaylovich Platonov, general director

Lines of business

Manufacture of industrial tractors - 0.5, 10, 15, 25  tons, engineer vehicles on their basis, diesel engines with capacity from 10 to 1500 hp, and consumer goods

Brief description of the company

The enterprise ranks among the largest enterprises of the Russian Federation engaged in batch production of tractors. The Russian Federation as well as near- and far-abroad countries use these vehicles and products to do a large range of works in the field of oil and gas industry, ore mining, gold- and adamant-mining, car road construction and many other branches of industry where work is carried out on the ground of 1-4 category.   

Brief description of the project

Organization of high-efficiency production of steering clutch housings for tractors -10, -12 and other engineer vehicles

Total project cost

Situation 1 154  million rubles    purchase of equipment from Japan;

Situation 2 103.7 million rubles   purchase of Russian equipment

Required investment

Situation 1 154 million rubles

Situation 2 103.7  million rubles

Investment purpose

Replace old machining equipment by new equipment for batch production of engineer vehicles 

Implementation period

6 years

Initial permits and approvals

Feasibility study

Development stage


Expected form of cooperation

Investment credit

Contact person

Vladimir Mikhaylovich Orlov, head of investment, equipment, new machinery and facilities department

l.: (351) 778-41-48

Aleksandr Filippovich Shlyapnikov, head of economic department

l.: (351) 779-83-96