Project Initiator Information


Company name

ZAO Minyar Instrument Plant

1, ul. Zaikina, Miniar,

Chelyabinsk region, Russia 456007

Tel./fax: (35159) 7-19-39, 7-13-93, 7-14-04

e-mail: minyar [email protected]


Sergey Stepanovich Boyko

Lines of business

Production of metal-working tools

Brief description of the project

Pollution-free production of metal-cutting tool

Total project cost

1924.6 thousand rubles.

Required investment

1900 thousand rubles.

Investment purpose

Purchase of the equipment

Implementation period

6 months

Initial permits and approvals

Contract, construction documents

Development stage

Development, testing

Expected form of cooperation

Any forms of cooperation

Contact person

Sergey Stepanovich Boyko

Tel./fax: (35159) 7-19-39