Asha municipal area

By-product-recovery workshop with welfare spaces


Size of the building

development area

106 sq. m.

Short description of the building

By-product-recovery workshop with welfare spaces

Location of the building

2, Suvorov street, Asha town


All the utilities are supplied (the territory of the enterprise)

Road infrastructure

Access ways, footpaths

Building condition

The construction is temporarily abandoned. The degree of completion is 12 %

Short description of the site where the building is located

The by-product-recovery workshop under construction is located on the premises of the OJSC Asha Chemicals Plant. The planned commissioning is in 2010

Form of use

Chemicals production

Owner of land

OJSC Asha Chemicals Plant

Contact person

Vasiliy Yakovlevich Alyoshkin

tel.: 7 (35159) 31473