Capital construction is dynamically developing in Chelyabinsk region.

In 2005, partly out of budget, construction of more than 360 objects was carried out. More than 1 mln square meters of housing have been commissioned (124.2% to the 2004 level), including 411.8 thousand square meters (141.6 %) by individual building owners. Construction was finished of regional Museum of Local Lore, History and Economy, of four schools for 2386 pupils, of six health protection objects for 115 in-patients and 800 out-patients a shift, of nine sports objects. Construction of metropolitan railway went on.

More than 400 enterprises of construction industry and building materials industry situated on the territory of the region continuously supply building sites with their production. In 2005 the production of cement has grown 32,6 % in comparison with 2004, of large-panel and large-block building constructions -- 44.5 %, of brick -- 3,2%; grew the output of other building materials, constructions and goods. With the existing capital construction volume, taking into account its annual growth, enterprises of construction industry are for the most part provided with local raw materials, reserves of which in the region are sufficient.    

A number of enterprises of construction industry and building materials industry of the region continuously modernize and renovate technically their production. New capacities have been put into operation:

- mineral wool boards production line of capacity of more than 3 mln cubic meters a year;

- the first stage of Keramin-Snezhinsk plant of capacity of 2 mln square meters of extrastrong stoneware tile Gress a year;

 - the second stage of brick compressing at Miass Ceramic plant of capacity of 4 mln standard bricks a year;

- paving slabs and sewage reinforced-concrete pipes production line at OJSC ChelSI;

- production line Rekon in OJSC Zavod ZhBI Agrostroya for production of assembled-monolithic carcass buildings constructions of capacity of 40-45 thousand square meters of floor area a year;

- polyevacuated floor panels production has been refitted in OJSC Zavod Zhelezobetonnykh Izdeliy Refos (Satka) of capacity of 37 thousand cubic meters a year;

- a red brick plant has been restored in Kunashak district of capacity of 10 mln standard bricks a year;

- hydraulic press for sand-lime brick has been mounted in CJSC Afina (Chelyabinsk), and that permitted the enterprise to boost 1.5 - 2 times its current capacities.

Enterprises of construction industry of the region develop the production of goods for buildings of combined architectural and construction systems, of  new economical types of buildings (OJSC Zavod KPD, Miass; PSK (industrial and building complex) Chelyabstroyindustriya; OJSC Zavod ZhBI Agrostroya, Chelyabinsk; CJSC Yuzhnouralskoye upravlenie stroyitelstva, Ozyorsk; PSK Vostok, Chelyabinsk, and others.