Name of organization

Chebarkul urban district administration

Lenin Street 13-a, Chebarkul city, 456440

tel./fax: +7(35168)2-39-88

Head of organization

Urban district executive officer Gennadiy Fedorovich Severin

Types of activity

Local government administration

Brief description of the project

Sewer systems treatment capacity 30 thousand cubic meters/day. Building site is located on the territory of currently operating sewer treatment systems. The project provides for complete biological sewage treatment with the following after-purification of sewage water through sand-gravel filters, disinfection through UV-units and sludge drying on centrifuge machines.

Total project cost

272.4 million roubles

Required investment

272.4 million roubles

Project documentation

The project is designed by Grazhdanproekt Institute (Civil Project Institute). All agreements have been received.

Development stage

Design estimate documentation has been prepared. Environmental examination seal of approval No. 808 dated 10.01.2006 has been received. Project is under the state examination.

Expected form of cooperation


Contact person

First deputy urban district executive officer - Aleksey Alekseyevich Chernyshov

tel.: +7(35168)2-34-00

Deputy urban district executive officer on economic development and municipal property management Yuriy Sergeevich Kosterin

tel.: +7(35168)2-13-76

e-mail: [email protected]