Name of organization


"Arkaim-Plaza", Karl Marx Street 38, room 416,

Chelyabinsk city, 454091

tel./fax: +7(351) 239-94-34

Head of organization

Boris Leonidovich Pavlov

Types of activity

Construction and investment activity

Brief description of the project

Residential housing construction on the territory of 80 ha in total, situated at 20 km point to the left of motorway "Chelyabinsk-Novosibirsk" alongside the traffic, consisting of fields No. 76, 77, 78 of Open Joint-Stock Company "Petrovskoye" in Krasnoarmeyskiy district, Chelyabinsk region.

Draft development volume:

- single-family houses 400 units (total area 50 thousand square metres);

- town-houses 8 units (total area 3.5 thousand square metres);

- administration buildings and buildings of public usage (stores, elementary school nursery school, administration, post office, first aid room, sports facilities, etc.) 8 units (total area 4 thousand square metres)

Total project cost

2 billion roubles

Required investment

1 billion roubles

Implementation period

4-6 years

Project documentation

Certificate of property right to project land lot. Post-construction survey, toposurvey, site investigations and radiation monitoring have been carried out. Proper authorities have issued required technical conditions. Sketch plan.

Development stage

Receiving of the architectural planning task. Development project phase

Expected forms of cooperation

Joint participation in the project. Project full financing. Purchase of company shares

Contact person

Andrey Sergeevich Kozyrev

tel./fax: +7(3512)39-94-34, +79222336315