Name of the organization

Close Joint-Stock Company Numotek-Spektr Apt. 29, Lenin street 27, Kasli town, Chelyabinsk region, 456835.

Head of organization

General director - R.M. Felton

Lines of business

Medical equipment and medical goods production

Goods production, its quality control, packaging, storing and forwarding to consumer.

Brief description of the project

Production of universal contact couches for treatment and preventive treatment of sedentary peoples decubital gangrene. Production of back support system, working on the following principle with the help of a control system air is pumped and blown into pneumonic cabins which have an effect on various back muscles. Production of oxygen concentrator devices used in high quality healing of injuries with the help of oxygen at regulated low pressure. Production of artificial shanks for active invalids who lost their lower limbs.

Total project cost

250 million roubles

Required investment

250 million roubles

Recoupment period

5 years

Project documentation

Land lease agreement is available, geological, geodesic and engineering surveys have been done, the results of which have been stated in the reports.

Development stage

Schematic design stage.

Expected form of cooperation

Any that are permitted by Russian legislation to deal with Close Joint-Stock Company

Contact person

Deputy general director Anatoliy Semyonovich Ivanov

tel.: +79222333018, 7 (35149) 22171, 7 (35149) 32661