Project Initiator Information


Company name

OOO Rembyttekhnika Plus

10b, ul. Kalinina, Ozyorsk,

Chelyabinsk region 456780

l.: (35130) 7-99-51


Maksim Alekseyevich Alushkin, director

Lines of business

Fulfillment of warranty obligations of 60 electronics and household appliance manufacturers, sale of spare parts  

Brief description of the project

Establishment of a regional service center for maintenance and repair of household appliances and mobile communication devices

Total project cost

7 556 729.11 rubles

Required investment

7 060 303.11 rubles

Investment purpose

- purchase of equipment;

- preparation of production buildings and communications for new equipment;

- assembly and commissioning works;

Implementation period

1 year

Initial permits and approvals

Business plan

Development stage


Expected form of cooperation

Investment credit, leasing

Contact person

Maksim Alekseyevich Alushkin

l.: (35130) 7-99-51, 7-80-88