Magnitogorsk urban district.

Uncompleted construction building


Size of the building

2,582.9 sq. meters

Short description of the building

New 3- storey building

Location of the building

52, Laznika street, Novaya Stroyka village, left bank part of Magnitogorsk city


There is water supply, fecal-fat drainage of 315.65 m in length

Road infrastructure

There are approach lines 963 sq. meters long

Building condition

Production utility-type building is in good condition, hasnt been exploited a single day.

Three floors are production workshops.

Short description of the site where the building is located

Land plot size is 11.41 hectares, the territory is surrounded with the fence 568.55 meters long

Form of use

Hasnt been used

Owner of land

Closed joint-stock company Magnitogorsk bakery products factory SITNO

Contact person

Lyudmila Gennadyevna Baganovskaya

tel.: 7 (3519)499-338;