Project Initiator Information


Company name

OOO Managing Company MMK-METIZ

93, ul.Kirova, Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region, Russia 455002

Tel./fax: (3519) 24-15-27, 24-77-82


Alexey Dmitriyevich Nosov, director

Lines of business

Production and sale of wire, fasteners, nets, nails and other products of manufacturing designation

Brief description of the company

Managing Company MMK-METIZ is one of the leading Russian producers of wire, metal net, fastening strip, electrodes and other metalware

Brief description of the project

Purchase of 35 direct-flow drawbenches

Total project cost

707.6 million rubles

Required investment

707.6 million rubles

Investment purpose

Purchase of the equipment

Implementation period

5 years

Initial permits and approvals

Design documentation, business plan

Development stage


Expected form of cooperation

Any forms of cooperation

Contact person

Vadim Alekseyevich Bakshinov, the head of the strategic development department of  Managing Company MMK-METIZ

Tel./fax: (3519) 25-09-35, 24-58-07

E-mail: [email protected]