Project Initiator Information


Company name

MU "OKS Administration of KGO"

1, pl. K.Marksa,  Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk region 456870

Tel./fax: (35151) 2-01-15


Lev Mikhailovich Ukhalskiy

Lines of business


Brief description of the project

Skeleton-type house-building organization on the ground of industrial basis of ZAO "Kyshtym copper-galvanizing plant"

Total project cost

88.0 million rubles

Required investment

88.0 million rubles

Investment purpose

Complex skeleton-type low-rise and multistory house-building: cavitated floor plates, small-pieces wall and road ware, foundation blocks, reinforced concrete ware, etc.

Implementation period

1.5 years

Initial permits and approvals

Technical and economic assessment, business plan, certificate for house-building and construction of the I and II level of responsibility constructions according to the State standard

Development stage

Agreements for supply and assemblage of technological equipment are made, the ground for production placement is determined

Expected form of cooperation

Any forms of cooperation

Contact person

Lev Mikhailovich Ukhalskiy

Tel./fax: (35151) 2-01-15