Project initiator company name and essential information

OJSC Novokaolinoviy ore mining and processing enterprise.

Tel.: (7-351)33-31-997

The company director

Valeriy Fyodorovich Kartashov

Lines of business

Mining and dry concentration of kaolin.

Microcalcite production.

Brief description of the project

Microcalcite production. Microcalcite is a natural inorganic filler that is produced by decomposition and separation of light marble of Yeleninskoye deposit (Chelyabinsk region). The process of decomposition includes the stage of surface treatment with waterproofing agent to prevent thickening of microcalcite in paintwork compositions at storage and improve the dispersion process.

Total project cost

150 million rubles

Required investment

150 million rubles

The projects payback period (in years)

3 years

Documents on the project

There are all the documents

Development stage

The design estimate documentation is being developed.

Expected form of cooperation

Joint enterprise

Contact person on the project

Sergey Grigoryevich Zots -- deputy director on capital construction and new kinds of activities