Project Initiator Information

LLC Ufaley Metallurgical Machine Building Plant

Company executive

Pavel Viktorovich Ponomarev

Lines of business of the organization

Manufacture of machines and equipment for metallurgy.

Steel production.

Iron casting production.

Brief description of the project

Transition to the modern technology of molded pieces production by means of mounting the automatic import lines (firm IMF, Italy), working on the basis of XTC (No Baclr processes)

Total cost of the project

261,46 million rubles

Required investment

261,46 million rubles

Payback period of the project (years)

6 years

Project documents

The project was awarded with the 3d prize place of the prestigious contest 2006: Best investment project of the Chelyabinsk region.

Current project status

Implementation stage.

Expected forms of cooperation

Mutually beneficial.

Contact person

Yuriy Andreyevich Tretyakov, deputy technical director

tel.: +7 (351) 64-91-111