Project Initiator Information

OOO (Open Joint Stock Company) "Strela"

13 ul. Vassilyeva, Snezhinsk

Chelyabinsk region 456770

Tel.: 7(351) 46-5-25-52

Fax: 7(351) 46-5-21-11

E-mail: [email protected]


Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Kryukov

Lines of business

Development of software

Brief description of the project

On the basis of the advanced information techniques of regional administration managerial control, the experts of Academy of Public service and VNIIPVTI (Moscow) have developed IMIS (the integrated information system for small and average municipal formations (F). The IMIS consists of three levels. The first is a level of interaction directly with the population of municipal formation according to a "One window principle. The second is a level of interaction of MF administrative services. Interaction of services is carried out through the integrated database. The third level is a level of MF.'s decision-making support.

The IMIS is designed for the improvement of quality of management exercised by municipal services in scarce financial resources for more effective use of finance

Total project cost

Starting with 70 thousand rubles for one municipal formation

Required investment

Starting with 70 thousand rubles for one municipal formation

Implementation period

1 year after adoption

Initial permits and approvals

Full documentation on all components of the IMIS

Development stage

Separate are widespread in many regions of Russia (the Moscow area, Yakutia, etc.) within the limits of the Chelyabinsk area separate are introduced in several municipal formations. The pre-production full-scale model of is introduced in Snezhinsk administrative services since 2006.

Expected form of cooperation


Contact person

Vladimir Vasilevich Komosko

E-mail: [email protected]