Food production is one of the most socially important industrial activities. Development of foodstuffs production and supply of population with locally produced food products is necessary for any region. 

Sufficiently developed agricultural production and positive dynamics of functioning of big and small businesses allowed this industry to be 2nd in its percentage in manufacturing activity (6.4%). Today almost 28 thousand people are employed in foodstuffs production, that is 7.6% of the number of employed in the whole manufacturing activity of the region. 

Chelyabinsk region produces one-fifth part of the Russian macaroni production, takes the 8th place in Russia in meat and meat foods production, 11th place -- in bread and baked goods, and 15th -- in whole milk production. 

In the shipped goods structure the biggest percentage belongs to meat and meat foods (21%), beverages (14.8%), milk products (10.3%), other foodstuffs not belonging to the main categories (34.5%).   

Nowadays Chelyabinsk regions food industry develops dynamically. In 2005, the growth in foodstuffs production was 111.8%, and in the first half-year of 2006 -- 109.8%. The biggest growth is noted in  meat and meat foods and beverages production.    

In 2005, Chelyabinsk region has produced 176.8 thousand tons of bread and baked goods, 202.1 thousand tons of macaroni goods, 47.5 thousand tons of confectionery products, 65.2 thousand tons of meat, 192.9 thousand tons of whole milk production. 

The biggest food industry enterprises in turnout are OJSC Makfa (macaroni goods production), OJSC Kombinat Khleboproduktov imeni Grigorovitcha, OJSC Perviy Khlebokombinat, OJSC Khlebprom, Brewing plant Zolotoy Ural -- filial of  OJSC Vena.

The food industry enterprises of Chelyabinsk region are long well-known out of the bounds of the region, too. The whole of Russia knows brands Makfa, Ariant, Mirel. The regions production is a success at all-Russian and international competitions and exhibitions.   

The main types of foodstuffs production of Chelyabinsk region are bread and baked goods, macaroni goods, meat, milk Today the region fully supplies itself with meat and milk goods, flour and grits products.