Company name and address

Individual entrepreneur Abramova Irina Ilyinichna, the head of farming sector Mirt

5, mkr. Zaozernuy St., apt.240, Ozyorsk

Chelyabinsk region 456780

tel: 7(35130) 4-95-40,

fax: 7(35130) 7-30-21


Irina Ilyinichna Abramova

Lines of business

Plant growing. Succeeded in working at the flower market for more than 15 years; experience in organizing wholesale flower trade in Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg; completed more than 10 projects of landscape design and gardening in 3 years.

Brief description of the project

Hothouse sector Mirt, organization of hothouse sector with continuous crop rotation and construction of a nursery for fancy-floral cultures

Total project cost

3 million rubles

Required investment

1 million rubles

Implementation period

2 years

Project documentation

Business plan

Development stage

Land and bulbs of tulips have been bought; hot frame is in use.

Expected form of cooperation

Investment credit, grant, subsidy assignment, state order on landscape gardening of the city

Contact person

Irina Ilyinichna Abramova, head of farming sector Mirt

tel: 7(35130) 4-95-40,

fax: 7(35130) 7-30-21