Project Initiator Information


Company name

Agricultural farm "Rodnik"

38,  ul.Zapadnaya,  Varna district,  Chelyabinsk region 457200

Tel.: (35142) 2-62-65


Rais Minakhtyamovich Abidullin,

Head of the farm

Lines of business

Livestock farming production, fodder and bread grain production

Brief description of the company

Agricultural enterprise

Brief description of the project

Project provides for increase of production volume up to 3500 heads. The following products are planned: pig meat (young animals from 1.5-2 months), mixed provender, fodder and bread grain production

Total project cost

22.2 million rubles

Required investment

14.3 million rubles

Investment purpose

Development of stable profitable pedigree pig-breeding farm

Implementation period

2.5 years

Initial permits and approvals


Development stage


Expected form of cooperation

Investment credit

Contact person

Rais Minakhtyamovich Abidullin

Tel.: (35142) 2-62-65