Project Initiator Information

CJSC NPO Chelyabinsk Ecological Alliance

Actual address: 222 office, 160 Pobedi Prospectus, Chelyabinsk town, 454091

tel./fax +7 (351) 267 23 68, 239 81 74

Company executive

Viktor Trophimovich Sidoy

Lines of business of the organization

Activity connected with the environment protection, arrangements concerning the lowering of the negative influence on the environment

Brief description of the project

Complex power is about 100 thousand ton of the waste products per year.

The area about 5 hectare is set aside for the complex building and about 10 hectare for the providing ground of the household waste.

Automatized waste-sorting complex provides sorting of the industrial solid wastes and household wastes, separating the valuable fractions suitable for reprocessing with its further compressing and stacking lamination.

Advance processing of the waste products into the ecologically safe raw materials will be performed on the mini-plants, included in the complex structure. The complex allows to return in the merchandize turnover up to 85% in the form of the commodity output. Up to 10% is turned into the heat and electric power, the rest 5% may be used for the recultivation of soil.

Total cost of the project

The estimated cost of the complex with equipment is about 450-500 million rubles

Required investment

450-500 million rubles

Payback period of the project (years)

3,5 years

Project documents

Chelyabinsk Institute Promstroyproject has carried out the preproject works: geological and geodesic research; materials concerning the estimation of the environment influence are being developed at the moment.

Current project status

All preliminary works are being carried out as well as designing of the sorting complex

Expected forms of cooperation


Contact person

Elena Sergeyevna Pantyavina the head of the ecology and environment protection department of the administration of the town district.

tel.: +7 (351)68- 2-36-88