Project Initiator Information


Company name

OOO Kapital-Invest

153A, ul.Svobody, Chelyabinsk, Russia 454091

Tel./fax: (351) 265-94-07,

 264-01-87, 364-56-60


Sergey Alekseyevich Ushkin, director

Lines of business

Construction activity

Brief description of the project

The project of the hotel complex construction is meant for realization in the northwest district of Chelyabinsk.  The work program of the project includes the construction of the hotel complex for 80 rooms of continuous living with restaurant service, conference hall, fitness center and open parking.

Total project cost

109.85 million rubles

Required investment

109.85 million rubles

Investment purpose

Construction of the hotel complex for continuous living of foreign specialists and businessmen.

Implementation period

7 years

Initial permits and approvals


Development stage


Expected form of cooperation

Investment credit

Contact person

Sergey Alekseyevich Ushkin

Tel./fax: (351) 265-94-07, 264-01-87, 364-56-60